Imagine if you could learn how to plan and grow your business in a safe and secure environment where you can experiment, take risks, and see what happens with NO CONSEQUENCES. That is exactly what you can do with the new E-Growth business simulation.

With the impact of the COVID19 pandemic business, entrepreneurs and managers throughout the country are looking for ways to recover and grow their enterprises. Many aspiring and new entrepreneurs are looking at how they can develop and grow new businesses. Having supported thousands of managers entrepreneurs and businesses, Exponential has a huge amount of experience and understanding of how to grow a business. This expertise is now being put to good use in creating an interactive and realistic business simulation.

Working in partnership with a university, developers and other entrepreneurs from Greece, the Czech Republic, Spain and Hungary, Exponential has designed a new business simulation called Prosper. The concept is simple. You simply set up a simulated business, read a market report and then make key decisions about your new business’s products, pricing, marketing, staffing and quality management system and see what happens.

If you make the right choices at the right times, your sales, profits, and performance will soar. If not, then you can discover why and identify the root cause of the problem and make changes to your marketing plan, the way you manage your team or even adjust your pricing strategy. Over a series of business cycles, you will learn how to analyse your business’s financial performance, the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and how make well-informed decisions that get results.

E-Growth is an enjoyable, but powerful learning experience. It provides the challenge of running a business, but without the risks and consequences arising because of poor decisions. Its experiential design generates learning and personal development and when combined with the new Business Growth Toolkit that is being developed, business owners will be equipped with the know-how to plan for growth.