SME Growth Key to EU Recovery

As governments and policy makers throughout the world search to find ways of creating new jobs and economic growth following the COVID pandemic, there is increased awareness in the potential of so-called High Growth Companies[1].

How to Support High Growth Enterprises

Managing a High Growth Company is as challenging as it can be rewarding. The support needs of High Growth Companies are great. Whilst tools and learning modules such as included in the Erasmus+ E-Growth project are helpful when it comes to supporting the growth of enterprises, the use of specialist High Growth Coaches is critical.

The rapid pace of change, volatile character, significant resource needs and escalating organisational complexity of High Growth Companies means that they need highly sophisticated support.

Qualified support, whilst important during the advanced stages of growth, is also important during the start-up and early stages of growth. This is where an experienced and qualified High Growth Coach can make all the difference. Effective High Growth Coaches can and do have a significant impact upon the success and development of their clients’ businesses.

High Growth Coaches are more than business coaches. The High Growth Coach is a specialised role requiring the mastery of several business support roles, a broad knowledge base and diverse set of skills.

Aspiring and current business growth coaches can download and use this short best practice guide to improve their professional knowledge, skills and performance as High Growth Coaches.

Exponential Training has long been a advocate of High Growth Coaching and the use of digital learning technology to improve the accessibility, effectiveness, and quality of its learning programmes. Along with a dozen European partners, the Exponential Training team is currently working on several Erasmus+ projects using Technology Enhanced Learning  and helping enterprises to implement high growth plans including the two projects: E- Growth and PRONTO or email

[1] “European Commission (2011): Policies in support of high-growth innovative SMEs.” An INNO-Grips Policy Brief by empirica Communication and Technology Research. Principal author: Stefan Lilischkis. Bonn.”